Why does everyone think that enthusiasm is going to come along once they decide what their purpose is?

Musicians Perform Behind the Scenes - Photo Credit Al Kay

Musicians Perform Behind the Scenes – Photo Credit Al Kay

It seems to me that most people I meet feel that they need to find their calling in music (aka- get a “job”) and then the enthusiasm for that job will be there for them. I must tell you that the truth is that enthusiasm is something you bring with you. You get to decide to be enthusiastic first and then your calling will be obvious. I come back to Kubrick’s motto “you either care of you don’t care”. Play at 100%. Always. Give whatever you are doing your full attention and enthusiasm and do it at 100%. You will see remarkable results.

First you will most definitely enjoy what you are doing 100% more. You will infect your colleagues with your enthusiasm and raise their participation and satisfaction levels. You will discover that just be being more enthusiastic, you will be aware of more creative power and ideas and fun when you play or engage with others. The Greek root words for enthusiastic mean “to be inspired by a God”. Cool ,eh?

So, my advice to all musicians: today, go out and be enthusiastic in everything you do. Muster up your 100% commitment for everything that you do today. See how you feel when you do that. See how others react to you when you do that. See what results you get when you commit with enthusiasm – everything from making breakfast to warming up to performing or practising.

Will this help you find your life path and desire to have purpose in music? Absolutely. People do what is most important to them – first. Looking at what you do regularly and how you do it will definitely give you clues into what is most important to you right now. This can change, but if you do those things now with enthusiasm, you will allow the most important things for you to grow. Your enthusiasm is the fertilizer for a healthy and productive life! Go play at 100% and have fun!