The cover photo for our first CD is a wolf howling at the night sky which is covered in the Aurora Borealis.  The photo just spoke “Canada” to  all of usso we agreed that would be our logo.  The wolf is on all of our merchandise and Scott and I even had it engraved on a rock with the word “welcome” for the front door of our home.
Stuart Laughton, who was in the group at the time, is an amazing outdoorsman (ask him about any North American bird and he’ll tell you every detail).  This provided fodder for endless interesting conversations while we were touring.
NOW, Stuart is the creative director of the Forest Festival ( each summer and this summer, True North Brass played the final festival recital for a wonderful audience of cottagers and relaxed Torontonians.  We brought Stuart in to play his harmonica and we augmented some of our charts to include three trumpets.  It was great having Stuart back with the group!
Before the concert, we met the owner of the 70,000 acres of land! now designatedas a permanent forest.  She had in tow a wolf and a couple of nice dogs.  It is illegal to own a pure bred wolf and she explained that people mate wolves with dogs and then keep mating backwards to get as much wolf in them as possible.  The wolf you see in this picture is not pure bred; sure looks that way though, doesn’t it?  He was wonderfully calm so we grabbed the chance to get a photo of our “LOGO” in the flesh, so to speak.
True North Brass with our mascot: "Tatakatu"

True North Brass with our "logo"